Mandatory Covid-19 Forms

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Northwest Youth Baseball and Softball

Guidelines for Reopening


  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: We will wipe down restroom surfaces and concession outside counters and door handles several times during our open time. We are requiring players to bring their own seats and equipment to all practices and games. 


  • Concessions:


  1. Will have temperature check as well as safety questionnaire prior to working.
  2. Will always wear a mask in the concession stand.
  3. Will practice safe hand washing and re-glove directly following.
  4. Will not show up to concessions if sick or fever is present.

Concession Stand:

  1. Will have cones to mark for social distancing.
  2. Will have clearly marked signs for ordering and receiving food/drink.
  3. Will have signs present reminding customers of social distancing and safe practices.
  4. Will have 2 hand sanitizer stations at the customer service windows at ordering and receiving.
  5. Will be deep cleaned and sanitized.
  6. Equipment will be wiped down daily.
  7. Counter space will be wiped down frequently.
  8. No Sunflower seeds, peanuts or gum will be sold.
  • Spectators and Seating Bleachers will remain closed and parents will have to bring their own chairs and stay 6 feet apart per family unit.
  • Equipment Players will not use anyone else’s equipment unless sanitized between use. 
  • Restrooms One person at a time and doors will be propped open so no one touches door handles.
  • Scheduling Schedules are posted online with one team per field pre practice session. We will schedule games 1 per field per night and at least 30 mins apart on Saturday’s. Northwest will start different fields at least 15 mins apart to help keep from any grouping up.
  • Entrance and Exits Everyone will drop off and pick up from the 60th Street parking lot. A check-in table will be set up where participants will be asked health-related questions by a Board Member. Board members will be wearing masks during check-in. Attendance will be kept by Team Managers.
  • Staff/Volunteers/Officials Board member, coaching staff and umps will be checked before any events each day.  Coaches and Board members will wear a mask when they are within the six-foot rule. Umpires behind the plate will wear a mask and field umpire will wear a mask when within six-foot rule.
  • Practices/Games Players will be 6 feet apart within the dugout. Those players that cannot, will move to the outside of the dugout and remain 6 feet apart. Batting cages will be one coach and one player per cage.
  • Enforcement Board members will check for any violations from parents, players, coaching staff, umpires or board members during the shifts and walking the field. If they are not following the guidelines they will be warned and then sent home for second violation same day. If they have another violation, they will be suspended for 7 days from any team activities. Parent, players and coaches release of liability form and return to play guidelines must be signed by everyone before they step on the field.
  • Identifying and Reporting Illness. Northwest requires those who feel ill to stay home and those who may be symptomatic to follow CDC protocols. 
  • We will have a table setup just outside of board room to separate anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms during hours of operation and ensure that children are not left without adult supervision.
  • Everyone will be provided the league president’s phone number to contact if they get sick. If a participant, volunteer, or staff member is sick or becomes symptomatic, they will be sent home and should contact their health care provider. 
  • I will notify the City of St. Petersburg Athletics Division immediately. Include a follow-up email to Athletics Supervisor Chris Wolfe documenting the case was reported. 
  • I will contact anyone exposed to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 to stay home, self-monitor for symptoms, and follow CDC guidelines if symptoms develop.
  • Northwest will require anyone who develops a fever at any time, they should isolate themselves for 72 hours and bring a doctor’s note clearing them before they return.

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