Advanced Baseball

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Northwest Youth Baseball played our 8th season of the Cal Ripken Advanced Baseball Program. The Advanced Baseball Program provides an opportunity for players to receive focused instruction while competing against top level competition within the Advanced Baseball Program. The AB Program competes in the Cal Ripken West Florida Advanced Baseball League in a league play format during the Fall and Spring seasons. For more information, please review the FAQs below.

For any further questions please contact:  Mike Appleguise: 727.776.6171

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Advanced Baseball FAQs

Q. What is Advanced Baseball?
A. The Advanced Baseball program exists as an extension of and to complement the
recreational baseball program. The advanced baseball program exists to provide an “advanced”
player that has a higher skill level and has a passion for playing an opportunity to compete at a
higher level. This will be accomplished through advanced level instruction and more advanced

Q. Is Advanced Baseball the same as travel baseball?
A. No, Advanced Baseball is only for Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth players. The Advanced Baseball
program only competes against other Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth leagues in the Tampa Bay area.

Q. What is the purpose of Advanced Baseball?
A. The Advanced Baseball program will focus on developing players by reinforcing proper
baseball fundamentals, teaching advanced concepts appropriate to each individual age group
and by offering advanced level competition. NWYB’s Advanced Baseball program will place a
focus on practice and development.

Q. If my child makes the AB team will they also automatically make the all star team?
A. No, making an Advanced Baseball team does not guarantee your child will make an all star

Q. How long is the AB season?
A. The fall season will be approximately 5 weeks and approximately 10 games. The Fall season
will begin in mid-September and finish in mid-November. The spring season will be
approximately 12 weeks and 12-15 games. Spring will begin in late February and finish by the
beginning of May.

Q. How often do AB teams play?
A. The Advanced Baseball teams will play 2 times per month in a double header format. There will be one tournament each
season (usually at the end of the season) in addition to the regular schedule.

Q. When do the AB teams play?
A. AB games are played on Sunday afternoons with the exception of the end of
season tournament. The Advanced Baseball program will make every effort to schedule all
Northwest teams at the same location as a convenience to families with multiple kids playing in
the Advanced Baseball Program.

Q. How often do the AB teams practice?
A. AB teams will have one field practices during the week and one cage practice per week.
Additional practices may be scheduled at the Manager’s discretion.

Q. How much does it cost to play Advanced Baseball?
A. The total cost to play Advanced Baseball is the standard registration fee if the player only plays Advanced Baseball or an additional $75 added to the Rec registration fee for those who play Rec-ball and Advanced together.

Q. How are teams chosen?
A. A tryout will be held each Fall and Spring season. 

Q. Can anyone participate in Advanced Baseball?
A. To participate in Advanced Baseball you must meet the below criteria for each season:

  • Fall
    • Participate in the Fall Recreational Baseball season
    • If your child is participating in another Fall sport, they can apply for an exemption from playing Fall Recreational Ball.
    • Each player must commit to playing the Spring recreational baseball season
  • Spring
    • Each player in the advanced baseball program is required to participate with a recreational team during the Spring season.

Q. Is there a “must-play” rule in Advanced Baseball?
A. No, there is no “must-play” rule in Advanced Baseball.

Q. How will conflicts be prevented with the recreational baseball season?
A. The Advanced Baseball program was designed to complement the recreational baseball
program. Since the games are on Sundays, there will be no conflict with recreational
league schedule.